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Eric Roth, CPA

Eric Roth, CPA - Tax and Accounting Services

Eric Roth

Owns an accounting practice in Blue Ash, OH. He is an investment advisor representative and a CPA. He also owns an accounting practice in Blue Ash, OH.

While serving clients in the accounting and tax field for nearly 30 years, Eric was frustrated by watching many of them struggle with their investments. Although his clients were often somewhat successful, Eric believed there must be a better option for his client’s investments and retirement accounts.
In 2011, Eric was introduced to Matson Money which follows and a different and nationally recognized investment management philosophy. Their philosophy of disciplined investing, low management fees, and tax efficient investments strongly resonated with Eric.  As a result he now encourages clients to use the principles of Matson’s Free Market Portfolio Theory based on Nobel Prize-winning research to provide investors a lifelong disciplined approach to investing.

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